Telephone Call Recording For Business

Call Record


Some organisations have to record telephone conversations because of regulations or for legal reasons. Some purely want to record calls to improve employee training. Whatever your needs, Unified can provide business call recorders.


Whatever the reason is to record that telephone conversation, simply talk to Unified about the latest technology that meets your business needs.



Call Logging

Call Logger

Many businesses like to keep a check on the telephone call expenses.

An ideal way of doing this is by utilising call logging software.

Some basic software comes free with certain systems; other more advanced software gives more detailed analysis of calls and resides on a separate PC.

Reports on individual telephone extensions or groups of telephone extensions (departments) can include the cost of calls from each telephone or group of telephones.



  • Ad Hoc Call Reporting
  • Detect Fraud/Uphold Corporate Security
  • Eliminate Telephone Abuse
  • Identify Peaks and Troughs
  • Precise Call Data Reports
  • Maximise Resources
  • Reduce Costs
  • Save Your Business Money

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