Reduce the Cost of Making a call

Cheaper Phone Calls For Business

Unified Business Communcations can arrange the installation and seamless migration of Business Telephone Lines.  We offer your business genuine savings over your current supplier on monthly line rental, regardless of whether your requirement is for digital, analogue or SiP lines.

We have equal access to BT's fleet of engineers (Openreach) and can therefore service your installs, migrations and line faults within the same timescales as if you were a direct customer of BT.




Furthermore, we offer a free telephone bill analysis to ensure you are on the right tariff for your business, simply send us a copy of your telephone bill summary and we'll send you the analysis results.


Call us on 0800 840 8298, or email  You can fax your telephone bill to 0191 423 6263 if you would like us to demonstrate how we can save you money on your landline telephone bill.



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